Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Power Engineering Department,  University of BelgradePhoto

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Slobodan Vukosavic teaches graduate and postgraduate courses in electric
 machines, digital control of electrical drives and electric vehicles, and serves
as Head of the Power Engineering Department at the University of Belgrade.
His scientific interests are in areas of electromechanical conversion,
mechatronics, modelling and identification, DSP-based control of power
converters & drives and industry automation. He published over 50 international
 journal papers and completed 37 large scale R/D projects in Europe and the
U.S. His work is referenced in the SCI (over 50), as well as in reference books
 such as the Willey Encyclopaedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
He founded the Laboratory for Digital Control of PC and Drives,, subsuming
the R/D efforts of several postgraduates and R/D engineers, related to IR,
Philips, Semicron, GE, MOOG, Emerson Electric, TI, Schneider, Sever
and other centres in Serbia and abroad.

Prof. Vukosavic conceptualized and designed motion control systems applied
at the leading car manufacturer’s (Fiat, Renault, Peugeot etc.). He was the
 leading designer of digital multiaxis platforms for industrial robots for
several U.S. and European manufacturers (EL-GE, Polimotor, Vickers,
Eaton, MOOG) and coordinated design of the first automotive robot based
on the integral drive concept and the Real-Time Ethernet host link. His
current interests include devices and controls reducing the emission and
pollution of power plants, the energy efficiency and advanced drive concepts.